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With our world-class range of Nature Identical & Natural flavours, we’re experts in bringing new flavours to your products.

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Manufacturing Quality
Flavours & Extracts

We believe in delivering innovations that enhance flavour performance.

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We give immediate
access to exceptional Flavours

With our highly experienced team and robo technology we are ready to take any Flavour challenge.

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Over 13+ Years Helping Brands with Superior Flavours and Taste

Amar Bio Organics is proud to introduce our new brand of flavours- . After providing the food industry with the best flavours for the past 13 years.

EXTENSIVE CARE AND SAFETY we were one step ahead because by that time we implemented a fully automated manufacturing process by bringing in India’s first ROBO-BLEND Technology which has no requirement of human interference and smooth end to end process resulting superior quality.

Achieving through continous innovation

Export to Countries

Our Mission

Creating Unique AND Unheard flavours to support all category industries.

Robo Blend Technology

Flavours Perfected by Intellisence

If you have the idea of a new flavour that will change the market trend and be a customer favourite, then Amar Bio Organics is up for the challenge. Our team of food scientists, flavourists and product developers will ensure that your demands are met to make you the new sensation of the market.

Advantages of Robo Blend Technology

Wide Range of Flavours

Unmatched Taste

Consistency in Quality

Quick Turnaround Time


Amar Bio Organics is a name to reckon within the flavours industry. We have 1500 plus flavours available.

Hard-Boiled Candies
Ice Cream
Bakery Products
Hot & Cold Beverages
Essential Oils
Sanitising Industries

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Our purpose is to help our customers to deliver the exact flavour they want.