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5 Unusual Chocolate Flavours You Need to Try

Spicy Chilli Flavour

A chocolate filled with spicy chilli flavours sounds too spicy, but rather it tastes good with a hint of spice.

Coconut chocolate Flavour

It may sound weird but this combination is good, it truly amazes everyone. The combination of coconut flavour and chocolate sweetness is just too good.

Salty Caramel Flavour

Though this is a known flavour combo, it still sounds weird. But it is tasty, recently it has also got into the popcorn sector.

Lemon Chocolate Flavour

Tangy sweetness-filled notes that just tantalise your tastebuds. Citrusy goodness and chocolaty sweetness is just good.

Paan Chocolate Flavour

What do need more than tangy, zesty and leafy chocolate? This flavour is a huge hit in India as there are a lot of paan enthusiasts.