Dairy Flavours

Natural Extracts

natural-pSpices are synonymous to India. We are known for our rich colours and varied aromas. Ingredients are the key to a recipe and there isn’t a better place to source spices other than India. Because of the varying climates – from tropical to sub-tropical to temperate, almost all spices grow splendidly in India. So you have both, the variety and the quality.

Our key sources of natural extracts are:
– Black Pepper
– White Pepper
– Chillies Coloured Chillies (Red & Green)
– Turmeric
– Cardamom
– Ginger
– Coriander
– Cinnamon
– Curry Leaf
– Marigold: (Food Grade / Feed Grade) We offer solvent extract of dry flowers for chicken feed, that have a characteristic herbal note and are free from micro- organisms.

Health and Functional Ingredients
Natural ingredients offer the added advantage of health benefits like prevention and relief from various ailments. Being safe they are also devoid of any side-effects. In India and most other Asian countries, age-old recipes have been a source of wellness. Ingredients are all well chronicled in ancient texts with details of their properties and effects on health. We at Amar Bio-Organics believe in the natural remedies concept and make every effort to source the best.

Natural Colours
Amar Bio-Organics also offers a range of all natural colour products with minimal or no flavour contribution. Derived from natural raw materials like fruits, flowers, flours and vegetables, this range enhances the appeal and adds natural hue. Conforming to international standards, these natural colours are high quality food grade, nutritious and healthy. These can be used in ice creams, speciality poultry feeds, bakery products, food & beverages, cosmetics, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Health and Functional Ingredients

Products Common Name Specification Uses / Health Benefits
Allium Sativum Garlic Spray Dried Garlic Juice Anti-Hypertensive, Anti-Atherosclerotic
Bacopa Monnieri Brahmi Bacosides 40- 50% Memory Enhancer
Boswellia Serrata Salai Guggul Boswellic Acid 50-70% Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Arthritic
Camellia Sinensis Green Tea Polyphenols 40-95% Antioxidant
Capsicum Annuum Capsaicin Capsaicin 60-90% Anti-Arthritic
Curcuma Longa Turmeric Curcuminoids 95% Anthelmintic, Bactericidal, Anti-Inflammatory
Emblica Officinals Amla Polyphenols 40% Astringent, Carminative
Garcinia Combogia Vilayati Imli Hydroxy Citric Acid 50-70% Weight Management
Glucosamine HCl, K & Na Sulphate 98% Anti-Arthritic
Glycyrriza Glabra Licaorice Glycyrrhizin 20% Expectorant
Gymnema Sylvestre Gurmar Glymnemic Acid 25-75% Anti-Diabetic
Oreganum Vulgare Oreganum Spray Dried Oreganum Extract Antioxidant
Phyllanthus Amarus Bhumi Amla Bitters 3% Liver Tonic
Piper Nigrum Black Pepper Piperine 95% Digestive, Carminative, Dyspepsia, Expectorant
Rosmarinus Officinalis Rosemary Carnosic Acid 3-20% Antioxidant
Ocimum Sanctum Basil Ursolic Acid 2% Anti Inflammatory and Anti-Arthritic
Salvia Sage Spray Dried Sage Extract Antioxidant
Salacia Reticulata Salacia Total Soluble Solids 91% Anti-Diabetic
Tagetes Erecta Lutein Lutein 75% Eye Health, Antioxidant
Trigonella Foenum Graecum Fenugreek Sapoins 50-60% Anabolic
Withania Somnifera Ashwagandha Withanolides 1.5-2.5% Adaptogen, Antistress
Zingiber Officinale Ginger Gingerol 5-20% Carminative, Anti-Nausea, Anti-Gastroenteritis