Dairy Flavours



Amar Bio-Organics offers an extensive range of flavours & fragrances that include both natural as well as compound varieties.

From fine fragrances and toiletries, to soaps, detergents, and other personal care products, Amar Bio-Organics creates fragrances that touch consumers lives every day. Fragrances are the essence of life and depict vibrant and true colours of our behaviour and moods. These exotic aromas rejuvenate senses and energize actions to define attitudes that make a positive difference.

We deliver a wide variety of fragrances with excellent tones, from the mildly discreet ones to the boldly overpowering, that invoke the full gamut of emotions to the end user. Our extensive portfolio fragrances are developed for Soaps, Perfumes, Shampoos and Talcum Powders.