About us

We created over 1500+ unique flavors for a wide range of customers over the decade

After providing the food industry with the best flavours for the past 13 years, we have blended the technology and human senses to ensure our customers enjoy the true flavours of nature.

Amar Bio Organics – Pioneers of flavours in India

Amar Bio Organics was established in 2008 with a vision to change the way how the market and enjoys the flavours of nature. over the year, it grew to gain a better understanding of market needs and Trends. It established a 32500 sft factory in Hyderabad spread across 4.5 acres of lush green and eco-friendly space that is well connected to seaports and airports. Here the core focus is on developing its infrastructure and improving R&D to meet the market requirements today Amar Bhai organic serves a wide range of clients from the chocolate confectionery ice cream and frozen desserts, food & beverages and pharmaceutical sectors.

The New Revolution in Flavour

Amar Bio Organics is proud to introduce ZIVA India’s first flavour manufactured using Robo Blend Technology. This is a new benchmark in the flavour industry. bringing the true taste of nature in every delicacy you make. With ZIVA, you can be assured that your delicacies will have an enhanced savouriness giving it a distinct personality in the food palette of your customers.

Arvind Gowra

Founder of the company

From being Traditional to approaching a Modern outlook…..A man who is connected to Roots and is Flavouring the Nation, with a brand that emerged from the roots of India. Arvind Gowra, the founder and Man with a vision and Accomplished dreams. Arvind Gowra has ensured and proved that a dream if lived with grit and determination is always successful. If you live dreaming what you aspire for, you never actually were sleepless for your dream.

For the first time in India, Amar Bio Organics has implemented fully automated ROBO BLEND TECHNOLOGY, to ensure a flawless and safe manufacturing process. This, in turn, makes sure all our customers only receive the best in class flavours which offers:

We are specialised in:

  • Combining human intelligence with science Introducing India’s First Robo-Blending Technology
  • Capability of creating any flavour combinations for products.
  • Spreading our wings across all industries with our multi-application flavours.
  • Specialised in producing superior-quality and precision in flavours consistently.
  • Faster production with highest accuracy due to robo-blending technology.

As a part of our new launch, all of our most preferred flavours will be delivered to you in a new packaging under the brand name – “ZIVA”. With this, you can be sure you have received only the best the industry has to offer. It was our pleasure to serve our customers more than a decade. With our new range of flavours, we are sure it will surpass all your expectations, enabling you to offer some of the most delicious food & beverage products to your customers.

We have customers across 19+ countries and growing.


If you have the idea of a new flavour that will change the market trend and be a customer favourite, then Amar Bio Organics is up for the challenge. Our team of food scientists, flavourists and product developers will ensure that your demands are met to make you the new sensation of the market.

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Our purpose is to help our customers to deliver the exact flavour they want.